Addressing the global challenge of corneal blindness

BIENCO brings Australia’s leading minds in corneal bioengineering together to address the global challenge of corneal blindness, the third most common cause of blindness globally.

The fight against corneal blindness is a significant global challenge. Impacting all age groups, corneal disease and injury represent the third most common cause of blindness affecting approximately 5 million people worldwide, with a further 23 million affected by corneal blindness in one eye. Corneal transplantation, which relies upon human donor corneal tissue, remains the current standard of care. An acute global shortage of donor corneal tissue however, continues to prevent access to treatment with a growing global wait list of over 12.5 million people and less than 2% of people receiving this life changing transplant.


BIENCO includes Australia’s leaders in corneal bioengineering and is recognised for its potential to deliver sustainable health systems, having been awarded one of ten Medical Research Future Fund Grants under the Australian Government Frontier Health and Medical Research Initiative.

BIENCO will develop individually tailored, superior corneas that are cost effective and capable of addressing global blindness by improving access to corneal grafts with further potential to prevent corneal blindness through improved early intervention and complementary treatments to hasten recovery from treatments such as laser eye surgery.

BIENCO will bioengineer a total cornea as well as partial thickness grafts for transplant reducing the amount of donor tissue required, significantly improving cost effectiveness and sustainability of corneal treatments in Australia and increasing access to vision restoring corneal replacement surgery across the globe.

Uniting leading clinicians, scientists and experts in Good Manufacturing Practice.

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